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After a master degree in psychology and a graduation as engineer in human ressources, Saskia Lawaks swapped her job as a head hunter, to a street style photograph hunter.
Her natural intuition about the spirit of the times, and a sharpened eye, made her photography work, relevant and noticed.
As so, she became « l’oeil de Vogue » for french Vogue Magazine.
During 5 years, she covered fashion weeks, Art exhibitions, night life, music festivals, cool people… anywhere, at anytime.
She became the charismatic photograph of the stars and the celebrities, running from Paris to New York, Los Angeles, from Rio to Shanghaï, from Tokyo to india… with the same excitement and passion.
Saskia Lawaks real sens of humor, smile and kindness, with a deep respect for intimacy in her work, are printed on her argentic or digital film, making her pictures appreciated, and personally, becoming a favorite confidant of the celebrities.
Saskia Lawaks establishes herself today, as a signature.
She showcases the creatives, in any fields, shooting day and night around the world ; a nomad photographer, in love with immediacy, ready to catch any epiphany as long as it is offbeat or happy.
Her playground is everywhere. Creatives, Glamour, Art, Fashion, behind the scenes, New trends, NightLife, the Underground…
Saskia Lawaks catch the ephemeral which reflects an atmosphere with an authentic piece of time.